I am curious about what motivates people and make games & technology solutions to inspire & teach them.

I’ve been teaching for ten years and making technology products for five.  I have worked with communities as an organizer, taught individuals one on one and through media as a writer, marketer, advertiser, game designer and interactive experience manager. I write and publish articles on educational technology, national identity, digital education, political belief development and more in research and policy journals.

Here’s a list of people I’ve worked for: Google, Foursqure, Pew, NYU, Penn State University, Northern Virginia Community College, YouthBuild DC Public Charter School, Nike, The Economist, National Geographic, Red Bull, Zagat, Samsung, Nokia and more.  I love solving challenge and would love to work with you.


Here’s who I am: I want to live in a world where people feel free to express themselves and inherent differences are respected. Where violence is not the answer to a difference of opinion.  Where problems are solved by communities and citizens look out for each other instead of segregating themselves by nationality, class, color, or creed.


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